pretty damn sure i love you.

@3 years ago

just experienced the best cuddling session of my life.


@3 years ago

local natives changed my life.

what an awesome weekend. although, atlanta is sketchy as fuckkk. so strung out.

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im1004 said: wait what? you live in atlanta? how have i not known this lol
i'm going to the local natives shows too :)

no i live in florida! (: im driving up there to see them because they never come here. ahhh are you really? thats so exciting i wanna find you there! hah

@3 years ago

drunken ramble?

sometimes i dont know what i see in you. but other times i dont know what there is to not see. it hasnt been that long but im already craving you at night when im not with you. its kind of sad how fast im falling. and i know im falling. but i really hope youre okay with catching me. because honestly, i cant take another heartache. especially not from you.

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   ” I Shouldnt Waste My 11:11 Wish On You Every Night But Theres Nothing More I Want Right Now Then You.”

Meola .

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its nights like tonight that make me like you so much.

showing up when im not expecting you at something that you have no interest in, just to make me happy.

you can be so cute (:

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Won’t you tell me
What you need from me
Won’t you tell me
What you want from me

Tell me what is going on
Tell me where my mind has gone


kid cudi
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im1004 said: Ahh man that sucks, yea there are alot of things to do here, and most places are open 24/7 well if you ever come back let me know :)

i will be sure to do so (:

@3 years ago

im1004 said: Hey yea that concert was pretty amazing! Hey don't diss Atlanta haha it's like the mecca of the south everyone moves here, but i know know what you mean, between the homeless people and the crackheads i get pretty annoyed too but there is a whole lot to do here and always something going on.

hell yeah it was amazinggg. but yeah the homeless and the crackheads got to me. i was trippin faaaaccceee so i think thats why they affected me so badly. hahah i was scared to even get near a cab after the concert. there were some sketchy ass people outside.

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im1004 said: lol um, well what exactly are you talking about?

nevermind. i found some. (: i thought i wasnt gonna find any down here.

@3 years ago

local natives.


less than 24 hours.

sooo fuckinggg stokeeddd.

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everything is finally getting better.

@3 years ago

"if everyone were like you,
the world would be a better place."

weezy f baby
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i dont know how im gonna sleep tonight.

you wont be next to me.

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